Is Talc Responsible for Causing Cancer?

Body powder and baby powder have long been used for generations for hygiene purposes such as to absorb sweat, so you do not have body odor, protect baby’s skin and keep it dry in their diaper and for people to smell good. Talc has always been an important factor of the powder because it is the key part in why people use the powder in the first place, to absorbs moisture. It also helps to keep the skin from rubbing on other areas of skin and getting a rash such as baby rash from the baby’s wet diaper being rubbed against their skin. Obviously, the people who are most in danger are the main people who use these products, mostly women and babies.

What you may not know is that there are other uses for body powder such as refreshing the smell of your shoes and keeping the stinky smell away, and keeping your shoes dry as your feet sweat inside them. It also helps to control acne and to keep your face from breaking out in the first place by using powder designed for the face. You can shake some body powder on your bed sheets to keep them smelling fresh and clean and put some in your dirty laundry to cover the smell of dirty clothes, and even put some in your underwear drawer to keep it smelling fresh.


The answer to anyone seriously concerned about talc would be to use talc free body powder or to make changes to their clothing such as wearing cotton underwear and avoiding wearing tight pants. There are also other lines of powders that gives you all the benefits of talcum powder without any of the problems.

To look at another side to body powder and baby powder, there have been plenty of commercials stating there are lawsuits that claim that the talcum in the powder, which comes from a mineral called talc, could be responsible for a lot of medical problems, some of which are causing cancer, especially in female parts of the body.  The research shows it can increase the chances of getting these types of cancer by one third, it also has been shown that there are side effects of being exposed to talcum for a long period of time. Talc, in the most natural form has asbestos in it which causes cancer. It can also cause problems such as sore throat, upset stomach, throwing up and problems with blood pressure dropping, although they say that the talc with asbestos in it is not the talc used in products people use. There is also pains in the chest, muscles that switch and not being able to go to the bathroom. There are also many respiratory diseases that it can cause because of breathing it into your lungs as it spreads in the air when you shake the container which can cause your lungs to stop working. Talc has also been known to be used to make makeup such as lip stick, eye shadow and for hair products to soak up extra oil in hair as well as powders for the face.