Types of bottles that we use in our daily life

Here are a few kinds of bottles that you have in your surroundings:

· Water bottles:

One of the most commonly used bottles around us is the water bottles. Almost in every part of the world, water is supplied in the bottles. Apparently, this is the biggest cause of increase in the pollution. Mineral water by various companies is sold in the plastic bottles which got littered and there is no use of it. Some companies have tried to manufacture a bubble what can be eaten along with the water, but those projects were too costly.

· Perfume bottles:

The next common kinds of bottles that you can find in our lives are perfume bottles. Perfume is used by everyone so their bottles are also common around us as well. The worst thing about perfume bottles is that you cannot use empty perfume bottles in anyway. There is no use of the perfume bottle afterwards. Most of them are made up of glass and when it comes to glass, there is no recycling. The only purpose left for those bottles is to put them on your dressing table for a show.

· Diffusers:

The next most common kind of bottles found around us all are the diffusers. Have you seen small bottles in the cars and when you press them, they release a beautiful fragrance. They are known as diffusers and they are used as air fresheners for the small spaces like bathroom and cars. These bottles are very small and only less amount of it get recycled.

· Baby bottles:

The other important kinds of bottles that you should have when you are married are baby bottles. If you want to control a baby and want to play with him, you need a bottle full of milk for that. Babies have little throats and it is very dangerous to give them something from a cup or glass like we drink. So they need a baby bottle for literally everything. So either you want to give them juice or milk, you have to arrange a bottle first.

· Wine bottles:

Wine bottles are the next important kinds of bottles used in the world, especially in the countries where night life is common and full of glamor. Mostly, glass perfume bottle manufacturer makes the wine bottles too. These glass companies make all the kinds of bottles for anything. They are used to plant different flowers and indoor plants. However, most of them go to the litter as well.

· Cans:

Cans are the other form of bottle available in the market. Mostly they are used for soda water, but milk and other dairy items are also available in it as well. They can preserve the items more easily this is why they are now widely used by the companies. They are not harmful for the environment as they are made up of metal that can degrade properly. Some of the companies still prefer to use plastic in order to cut their cost price.