Things to Know About Biker Patches and Motorcycle Safety

The first thing people think when you tell them that you have purchased a new motorcycle is that you should be careful. That is a fact because, in truth, motorcycles are dangerous. However, modern and latest motorcycles comprise numerous features that will help you avoid crashing.

These features come from obstruction-free vision, powerful brakes, grippy tires, and amazing handling. Of course, everything depends on your preferences because you will have to understand how to use these tools because that is the best way to avoid motorcycle accidents.

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Things To Know About Motorcycle Safety:

If you want to reduce the chances of getting an accident and dying in a crash, the best thing that you can do is to be educated. First things first, you have to finish basic rider course from MSF, and we recommend you to take some advanced classes especially if you plan to ride your motorcycle extensively.

Safety gear is the first thing that will help you prevent crashing. At the same time, it will make your ride more convenient and comfortable, because you will have self-esteem and better control of your bike. You will also be able to see other drivers and to increase chances of them seeing you.

Bright colors on your jacket and helmet will help other drivers see you, which is important prevention for common accidents. You should click here to see why transparent equipment is essential for bikers.

Car Turns Left In Front Of You

This is one of the most common motorcycle accidents. The idea is that car will fail to see you and to determine your speed correctly. Therefore, the driver will turn in front of you as a form of intersection. You can blame distraction, inattention, blind spots, and even psychological factors; but most drivers will look for the absence of cars, without thinking that motorcycle is present too.

Best Ways To Avoid It

You have to be one step ahead and see it coming. Have in mind that part of your job as a biker is to develop a sixth sense that will help you drive around. At the same time, it is important to look for signs that will indicate that someone will go in front of you.

In case that you see the car at an intersection waiting to turn, and you notice a gap in traffic, then you will know what will happen. In both situations, it is important to slow down, hit the brakes and be ready for action.

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You should also check for other drivers and objects that are outside your vision. The idea of a gap in the traffic means that someone will come through it, and even if you do not see him or her, you should think that way.

As soon as you identify the threat, you will be able to analyze the levels of seriousness. Can driver see you, and whether that is a problem or not. You should check for wheels, and not the car because they will provide you clearer idea on future movement.

It is important to be aware if someone is on your side or behind you. That is why you should take immediate action, and you should determine escape routes. It is not good to break if you want to avoid turning the car, especially if you have someone tailing you.

The worst thing that you can do is to lay the bike down. The best chances for reducing damage are to shed as much as possible before you enter a collision. You should use both brakes while the bike is still upright. You will have time to lose up to 20 mph, which could make a difference between injuries.

When You Enter Blind Corner and Hit Gravel

Imagine that you are riding twisties, and without warning, something such as leaves, sand, gravel will enter your path. In most cases, you will try to put your front tire in it so that you can wipe it out.

If you want to learn how to avoid blind corner accidents, you should check here.

Best Ways To Avoid It

You should avoid hitting it in the first place. You will be able to do it by riding at a pace where your ability to take action and reaction time will be relevant and within a range. We recommend you to use the effective rule of thumb Slow In, Fast Out. As soon as you enter the corner, you should reduce pace so that you can increase overall vision.

At the same time, you will be able to pick the speed on the way out so that you can enjoy afterward. Trail braking requires advanced skills that you have to practice thoroughly before you enter the road.

By using it, you should break all the way to the apex by using the front brake, while you will swap brakes for throttle during the ride. If you are on the brakes, the bike’s weight will start to distribute forward, which will compress the front suspension. Have in mind that this will increase the size of the contact patch, and you will be able to tighten the line by adding more brake.

Another important skill that you should understand is that you can maximize vision by using the full width of the road, without thinking of lanes. Have in mind that good vision means greater speed, but you will hear this only from a professional and do not do it yourself until you are completely ready.

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Best ways to avoid some accident is to drive safely, to have appropriate safety equipment and to understand how traffic functions in overall. You should not go to places that you do not know, and before you enter the road, we recommend you to analyze the road you will be on so that you can check unwritten rules and understand terrain better than before.